Eran Shir

Co Founder & CEO, Nexar

Eran Shir is the co-founder and CEO of Nexar, an artificial intelligence dashcam
application that seeks to rid the world of car crashes. Nexar is a vehicle-to-vehicle
network connecting cars nearby; it can warn its users in real-time of dangerous
situations happening beyond each individual driver’s line of sight, such as issuing
a forward collision warning, effectively giving drivers more time to react.
Prior to founding Nexar at the beginning of 2015, Shir was the entrepreneur in
residence at Aleph, a Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm, where he focused on
big-data, crypto-currencies and market disruption. He also was the senior director
and head of the creative innovation center at Yahoo!, where he was responsible
for their creative advertising technologies strategy and portfolio, as well as the
development of their next generation personalized creative advertising platform.

Eran Shir
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