Eleni Myrivili

Deputy Mayor for Urban Nature, Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation for the City of Athens and Assistant Professor at the University of the Aegean, Greece

Eleni Myrivili comes to the position of Chief Resilient Officer as an elected Councilmember in the City of Athens currently holding the urban-sustainability portfolio, and has held elected leadership positions for several years in the Greek Green Party’s Executive Leadership Committee.

As Chief Resilience Officer for Athens, she created the first Office of Resilience and Sustainability within the Mayor’s office and launched the “Resilience Strategy for Athens 2030” in June 2017. Before being elected in City Government she was part of the leadership team of the Greek Green Party. She has also written and hosted 13 hourly episodes of a public television documentary series on various approaches to sustainable living.

She got her PhD from Columbia University (N.Y., N.Y.) in socio-cultural anthropology. She is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Cultural Technology and Communications, University of the Aegean, in Greece. Interested in the knowledge-society relationship, she has always been active in projects that go beyond the walls of the academy: designing multimedia museum exhibitions/applications, curating events/festivals, participating in civil society organizations.

She has been an active member of environmental CSOs (IWAF, Friends of the Earth, Slow Food), and written/hosted a public television documentary series on sustainability. She was a member of EastboardNet (COST ESF), a Deputy Coordinator for an FP7 European research program, and a researcher for the Centre National d’ Art et de Culture George Pompidou, France.

Myrivili Eleni
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