Barak Goldstein

Co-CEO, CityZoom

Venture Capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur

Barak Goldstein established his 1st venture at the age of 16, and since then has founded 3 international startups. His last startup was acquired by SP, one of the 4 BIG Utilities in Europe.

Barak has extensive international experience across 26 markets in 3 continents, and a track record of overseeing a 1$B portfolio in infrastructure projects, managing 100$M in Venture Capital and 300$M in technological products. Since 2003 Barak has been active in the smart city startup ecosystem as an Angel Investor and a Partner at Terra Ventures Partners Recently he initiated Israel’s official Smart city Innovation Community – CityZoom – and is currently serving as it’s Co – CEO.

Barak Goldstein
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