Ariel Leizgold (37, Tel-Aviv) is a World Class award winning bartender. In 2008 Ariel opened Tel Aviv’s first ever cocktail bar and since then he’s launched numerous award-winning bars and restaurants in Israel and around the world that have become nightlife hotspots for those seeking a thrilling and sophisticated experience to enrich the senses. Leizgold, who was named multiple times Israeli and global bartender of the year is the author of Israel’s leading bartending course and training book and is the most awarded bartender in Israel’s history.

Redefining Hospitality
In his talk, which had already been heard in over 50 countries worldwide, Leizgold focuses on the creative process and brings up philosophical questions regarding people’s needs, desires and motivating elements. Leizgold seeks to REDEFINE THE EXPERIENCE of hospitality and tries to challenge his guests about the way they experience their world of leisure. By introducing instances from various worlds of content such as art and cinema, Leizgold suggests ways of “deconstructing” the hospitality experience to many small elements and experiences and showcases an approach of enhancing those, before assembling them back to form a new, “total” experience.

Ariel Leizgold
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