Amir Halevi

Director-General, Israel Ministry of Tourism

Amir Halevi has been in his post as the Israel Tourism Ministry Director-General since May 2013. A 15th generation Jerusalemite, Halevi now lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and three children.

During his tenure as Director-General of the Tourism Ministry, he has led a wide-ranging organizational change in the ministry, transforming it into a professional ministry that is suited to the changing tourism market. Thanks to strategic changes Halevi has initiated in the ministry’s marketing activities, incoming tourism in 2017 reached record levels, with more than 3.6 million tourist entries.

Halevi is also spearheading a new marketing vision for the desert – to transform Israel’s Negev into a leading tourism brand, by marketing the desert as a unique tourism destination for Europeans.

He has rich experience in both the public and private sector. Halevi served as council member and chairperson of several committees on the Tel Aviv-Jaffa city council (1993-2003) including that of Deputy Mayor. Halevi initiated the bicycle rental project in Tel Aviv-Jaffa that has become so popular among locals and visitors. He has served as a member of the Board of Directors for a variety of public bodies and private companies.

He is an entrepreneur specializing in project consultation and management. Halevi founded ARTTIC Israel, a European provider of management services for international collaborative R&D projects. He headed Halevi Dweck Ltd., a member of the Grant Thornton International Ltd.

In his spare time, Halevi is a keen amateur athlete who enjoys running, swimming and cycling. Halevi is a graduate of law from Bar Ilan University and geography and general studies from Tel Aviv. 

Amir Halevi
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