Adv. Yael Froman-Ideses

Digi-Tourist Project Manager
Tel Aviv Global & Tourism, Israel

Adv. Froman-Ideses leads the project of Digi-Tourist – Tel Aviv’s digital city card  – the world’s first smart and personalized city card, designed to make the experience of visiting Tel Aviv easier, personal, more connected and fun, while lowering the price of vacationing in the city. This project uses Tel Aviv’s unique assets: a very technological city and population; the fact that the Municipality owns many of the tourist attractions in the city; and the “DigiTel” resident card – a ground-breaking city card that provides residents with personalized information and live updates about everything the city has to offer.

Adv. Froman-Ideses holds LLB in Law and Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and LLM in Public Law from Northwestern University in Chicago and Tel Aviv University.

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